Information about the range of cars designed by the Prince Motors division of the Nissan Motor Co., which was created after the merger between Prince and Nissan. Pre 1967 Skylines are on the Prince page.
Skyline 1500
NISSAN  SKYLINE  1500  1968 - 1972
This car replaced the Prince Skyline S50E series. It was powered by the new 1483cc 94hp OHC cross-flow 4cyl. G15 engine. Available in 4 door sedan and 5 door wagon.

the 1st Skyline GT-R
NISSAN  SKYLINE  GT  GC10  SERIES  1969 - 1972
As with the previous Prince Skyline GT, the new Skyline was available in a long wheel base GT model with a 6cyl. engine. Powered by the 1988cc 106hp OHC 6cyl. G7 series engine and later the 1973cc 109hp OHC 6cyl. L20 engine. It was available in a 2 door sedan (KGC10), 4 door sedan (GC10) and 5 door wagon. But best of all was the Skyline GT-R, Which featured the new 1998cc 160hp double over head cam 6cyl. S20 engine. This was available as a 2 door (KPGC10) and a 4 door (PGC10).

DATSUN  LAUREL  1800  C30  SERIES  1968 - 1972
Looks like a big (and more attractive) Datsun P510 Bluebird 1600. Powered by the 1815cc 105hp OHC cross flow 4cyl. G18 engine. Faster, better handling, better engineered and better looking than the P510, it's a shame Nissan didn't push this car instead of the P510.

NISSAN  GLORIA  1967 - 1971
A big psuedo-American styled car, it replaced the Prince Gloria S40E series. Powered by the 1988cc 106hp OHC 6cyl. engine from the previous model, it was available in a 4 door sedan and a 5 door wagon. Later Nissan Glorias were re-badged smaller engined Nissan Cedrics.

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