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Prince Miler T440 & T441

In July 1965 the T430 Miler was replaced by the T440 series. This truck featured a double wishbone independent front suspension and a 5 speed gearbox, making it significantly more advance than it's direct rivals the Toyota Stout and Nissan Junior. The T440 had the 1500 engine and the T441 had the 1900 engine.

Following the Prince merger with Nissan, for 1967 onwards they would be sold under the Nissan name. Also at that time the Miler started to instead use Nissan engines instead of Prince engine with the T446 Nissan Prince Light Miler using the 1595cc Nissan R engine and the T447 Nissan Prince Miler was fitted with the 1982cc Nissan H20 engine.

This series stayed in production until October 1970 when it was replaced with the 140 series Nissan Miler, which was simply a rebadged version of the 140 Nissan Junior.

My research is currently incomplete with regards to the Miler range after 1965, and what is shown below is not a complete list of variants. There are a few models I am aware of such as a double cab and a lighter carrying capacity model, but at this stage I am not confident that I have the correct model codes to assign to these vehicles. This page will be updated when I complete my research.


 1965 Miler T440

Production starts - July 1965
Engine - 1484cc OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G1
Power - 73HP


 1965 Super Miler T441

Production starts - July 1965
Engine - 1862cc OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G2
Power - 96HP


 1967 Miler

Production starts - Early 1967
Engine - 1595cc OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - Nissan R series
Power - 81HP


 1969 Super Miler

Production starts - unknown
Engine - 1982cc OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - Nissan H20 series
Power - 99HP

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