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1967 Nissan Prince Skyline S50-3 and S57D


Introduced in August 1967, the S50-3 series spelled the end of the line for the S50 body shape, and the end of the line for the Prince name. This final version was in production for only one year, and as a result it is the least common of the models in the S50 series.


Very little changed visually on this model upgrade. The most obvious difference was the new tail light design, which again resulted in the need of a new rear panel for the car. This was an attempt to make the car look a little more modern. Whilst the design of the tail lights themselves aren't unattractive, they do look odd and out of place on this car. They look like what they actually are, a set of 1968 tail lights on a 1963 car. The other obvious change is to the front side indicators, which are now a thin rectangular shape, replacing the previous round ones.

The grille designs remained the same as the previous S50-2 models, with the S50D-3 Deluxe model using a cast alloy grille with one wide horizontal bar at 3/4 height with 4 thin horizontal bars above it and 12 thin horizontaal bars below. The standard models used the same pressed steel grille that had been used since the first S50S-1 model. The Estate model continued in production, but only as a standard model, with roughly the same equipment and trim as the standard sedan. It also used the standard grille. The commercial vehicle van version available in the previous models has been dropped from the range.

The car continued to use the ever faithful 1484cc OHV G-1 engine, though this would be the last car to do so. By this stage Prince had a new engine design ready that was intended to be used in the next generation Skyline, the C10 series, so they decided to fit this engine to a range topping version of the S50D-3 that would be designated the S57D. This new engine was called the G-15, and it was a quantum leap in engine design for Prince. The engine was by far the most technologically advanced Japanese passenger car engine in it's day, eclipsing even Nissan's Yamaha-designed L series engines in their design. The engine was a 1483cc single overhead cam engine with a cross-flow alloy cylinder head. It had a V shaped valve arrangement and a multi-spherical combustion chamber design and a 5 main bearing crankshaft. The engine produced 94hp, or 88ps, as the Japanese like to measure it. The S57D had only two external features that differentiated it from the S50D-3, which was an 88 badge in the grille (it's power measured in Pferdestärken), and a discrete OHC badge above the reversing light on the right hand side.

Initially the cars were sold with badges that said "Prince" on the boot lid and "Skyline 1500" on the side of the car. They also had a small rectangular "NISSAN" badge on the left side of the grille and the same "NISSAN" badge mounted above the left side reversing light at the back. Deluxe models said "Skyline 1500 Deluxe" on the sides. Soon the Prince name was dropped altogether. After that the cars had a "NISSAN" badge in the same style as the old Prince badge on the boot lid, and the small rectangular "NISSAN" badge above the reversing light disappeared. They continued to use the "NISSAN" badge on the grille, but on the side of the car it said either "NISSAN SKYLINE Deluxe" or "NISSAN SKYLINE". It still kept the stylised P emblem on the bonnet.

The last of these cars was built in September 1968, and it was replaced with the all new C10 series Skyline in October 1968. The new C10 series would use the new G-15 engine, as well as the enlarged G-18 and G-20 versions of the engine. The G-15/18/20 engines would prove to be not economically viable to adapt to the ever tightening US emissions standards, whereas the Nissan L series was. Thanks to this issue the engine was taken out of production in the early to mid 1970s, and from then on all Prince designed Nissans used Nissan engines. The Skyline name has now been in continuous use for well over half a century, one of only a handful of vehicle names to do so.


Mechanically it remained unchanged from the S50-1 model, and continued to use the 1484cc OHV G-1 series 4 cylinder engine. A diesel engine version was also built on small numbers, this car was called the Prince A190D, it's model code was S56SE.

In many export markets the Skyline name was not used, and this car was sold as a Prince A150 or as a PMC A150. It's side badges instead said "Prince A150". Some had a PMC badge on the boot lid.

Model Variations


Prince Skyline S50S-3

 The S50S-3 was the enrty-level base model car. Mechanically it was identical to the other models, but it had slightly more basic trim. Stainless steel side strips go along the full length of the car. Grille is chrome plated pressed steel design with 8 horizontal bars. Side badges say either "Skyline 1500" or Nissan Skyline".  


Prince Skyline S50D-3

 The deLuxe version of the S50-3 series. Stainless steel side strips run the whole length of the car. Side badges say "Skyline 1500 Deluxe", and are mounted near the rear of the car. Later models say "Nissan Skyline Deluxe on the side. Has over riders on the bumpers and stainless trim on the gutters. Bucket seats, 4 speed floor change. Cast alloy grille with one wide horizontal bar with 4 thin bars above it and 12 below.  


Prince Skyline Deluxe - S57D

 The S57D has roughly the same equipment level as the S50D-3 Deluxe, but instead has the G-15 overhead cam engine. Side badges say either Skyline 1500 Deluxe or Nissan Skyline Deluxe. Has an "88" badge in the grille and an OHC badge at the back.  

Model Variations


Prince Skyline Estate W50A-3

 The W50A-3 was the station wagon version of the S50-3 series. Trim and equipment were basically the same as the standard sedan. Side badges say Skyline 1500 Estate, and are mounted on the front guards. Uses the pressed stell grille from the standard sedan. 


Prince Skyline GT S54A-3 and S54B-3

The Skyline GT was a lengthened version of the S50-3 that was fitted with the S41-2 Prince Gloria 6 cylinder engine. More information about this vehicle can be found in the Prince Performance section.

1967 Skyline S50S-3


Length - 3990mm
Width - 1495mm
Height - 1435mm
Wheelbase - 2390mm
Weight - 935kg
Top speed - 135kph
Transmission - 3 speed column change

S50 Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G-1
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 73hp@4800rpm
Torque - 87ft/lb@3600rpm
Compression - 8.3 : 1
Final drive - 4.444:1

S57 Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G-15
Capacity - 1483cc
Bore & Stroke 82x70mm
Power - 94hp@4800rpm
Torque - 12.2kgm@3600rpm
Compression - 8.5 : 1

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