Nissan Prince Royale

1965 S390-1 Model

In 1965 they built a car literally good enough for an Emperor.


The greatest honour a Japanese car manufacturer could ever be given was to be asked to supply a vehicle for the Emperor of Japan, so it was with great pride the Prince Motor Co. announced in September 1965 that they had been chosen to supply two state vehicles for the Emperor.
In the 1930s the Imperial Family purchased a fleet of seven Mercedes Benz 770Ks which were continued to be used until well into the post-wat era. After that they used Rolls Royce Phantom Vs. But by the middle of the 1960s it became clear that Japan's car manufacturers now had the ability to build a state limousine of their own. Several manufacturers were approached but it was decided to go with Prince to build the cars.

The choice was a natural one, as well as already being established as Japan's premier builder of large luxury cars they already had a history with the Royal Family. Prince had started out as Tama Cars but had changed their name in honour the formal investiture of Prince Akihito in 1952 and Akihito drove a Prince himself. The commission was to supply one car in 1966 and a second one in 1967. To complicate matters, before the car could be built Prince Motor Co. had merged with Nissan and the Prince name was to be phased out. By the time the first car was complete the merger had occurred and as such the car wore Nissan badges and was officially known as the Nissan Prince Royale.

The car itself was similar in layout to a Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman. At over 6 metres long and over 2.1 metres wide and weighing in at 3200kg it was a very substantial vehicle. The 6.3 litre V8 that powered it was, like just about everything else on the car, custom made specifically for the vehicle and not used anywhere else.

In a testament to the quality of these cars, the Imperial Family continued to use the Royale right up until 2004.


1965 Prince Royale S390-1 Specifications

Length - 6155mm
Width - 2100mm
Height - 1770mm
Wheelbase - 3880mm
Weight - 3200kg
Top speed - 160kph  
Transmission - 3 speed Automatic

Engine Specifications

Model - W64 
90o V8   
Capacity - 6373cc
Bore & Stroke - unknown    
Power - 256hp    
Torque - unknown 
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown

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