Prince Motor Co.

1956 Prince BNS-J


The Prince BNS-J was a prototype that was displayed at the 1956 Tokyo Motor Show. The car was very large in comparison to other Japanese cars of the era and was the first ever non-production prototype ever to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The car was powered by a 1484cc FG4A-20 Prince engine that had been increased to approximately 1900cc, similar to what Prince would later fit to the Skyline and Gloria 4 years later. The car never entered production.


1956 Prince BNS-J 

Length - Unknown
Width - Unknown
Height - Unknown
Wheelbase - Unknown
Weight - Unknown
Top speed - Unknown
Transmission - Unknown

Engine Specifications

Model - FG4A-20
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 52hp@4000rpm
Torque- 10.4kgm@2000rpm
Compression - 6.8/1

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