Nissan Caball

1967 C240 Model

 The C240 Nissan Caball went into production in August 1966 and went on sale the next year as a 1967 model.  


In hindsight, it is hard to believe that the previous C142 Caball was kept in production for so long. I absolutely love the old C142 model, but the reality was that by 1966 the old girl was incredibly old fashioned, it's old school rear hinged doors and bulbous looks belonged in the 1950s, and not at a time that was heading for the 1970s. The C142 was finally replaced by the thoroughly modern C240 series Caball in 1967, and it had an instant impact on Nissan's mid sized truck sales as the C240 sold in vastly greater quantities than the old model.

The new truck had a more contempoary look, at the time quad headlights were the height of fashion on cars, and Nissan included them on the truck as well. Conventional front hinged doors were a welcome addition to the Caball for the first time, and they opened into a modern and comfortable cabin. The C240 was the first Caball designed with six foot tall beer-bellied Westerners in mind, and it was the first Caball that was a comfortable fit for most non-Asian bodies. The cabin also featured flow-through ventilation for the first time.

 Mechanically the C240 is very similar to the C142 model, which was fitted with the H20 1982cc 4 cylinder OHV engine which produced 99hp at 5000rpm. The other engine option was the SD22 diesel engine.

 The first version of the C240 had a grille with 4 rows of horizontal slots. The second model, which came out in 1969 had a different grille with one large horizontal slot top and bottom, and a set of three slots in the middle between the indicators.

 The badge on the front of the C240 consists of a gigantic wings shaped device with a huge N in the middle and Caball in smaller writing under the N. The other badges are rather cryptic, with either a G4 or D4 badge on the passenger side just above the headlight. Petrol powered (gasoline) Caballs have the G4 badge and Diesel powered ones have the D4 badge.

 The C240 stayed in production until it was replaced in May 1976 by the all new Nissan Caball C340.


Model Variations


1967 Nissan Caball C240

The firts model had a grille consisting of four rows of horizontal slots.


1969 Nissan Caball C240

In 1969 a facelifted version of the C240 was released which featured a new grille with three large horizontal slots between the indicators.  

Model Variations


Nissan Caball C240

The truck version was available with either a "styleside" cargo area as pictured here, or with a steel cargo area with fold down sides.  


Nissan Caball Double Cab

A small number of 4 door 6 seater versions were also built.


Nissan Caball VC240

A van version of the C240 was also available, which was called the VC240. A micro bus version of this van was also built, which seated 14 people, this was the KC240.  


Nissan Caball Diesel QC240

The Caball was also available with a diesel engine. The engine used was the Nissan SD22, which was a 2164cc with a Diesel Kiki brand mechanical injection system that produced 70hp.
This vehicle has a Diesel badge under the Caball badge on the front of the truck.

1967 Nissan Caball C240 Specifications

Length - 4690mm
Width - 1690mm
Height - 1990mm
Wheelbase - 2500mm
Weight - 1520kg
Top speed - 110kph
Transmission - 4 speed Column change

Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - H20
Capacity - 1982cc
Bore & Stroke - 87x83mm
Power - 99bhp@5000rpm
Final Drive - unknown

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