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1965 Nissan Caball C142

 The C142 Nissan Caball went into production in late 1965 and went on sale in 1966.
 The body of the C142 is essentially the same as the previous C141 Caball built from 1963 onwards. The main difference being a change of engine. The new C142 model was fitted with the new 2 litre H20 engine, which was just introduced as the base model engine for the new 130 series Nissan Cedric. The new H20 was a 1982cc 4 cylinder OHV engine which produced 99hp at 5000rpm. Initially the H20 had a 3 bearing crankshaft, but halfway through 1967 it was changed to a 5 bearing crankshaft. At the same time as this change all the engine bolt threads changed from UNF and UNC to metric. The 1488cc G series engine, which was the entry level motor for the C141 series has now been dropped from the range. The only other engine option was the SD22 diesel engine.
 Visually there are only a few minor differences between the C141 and the C142. The easiest to spot is the 2000 badge that lives under the Caball badge on the C142, on the C141 there is a 1900 badge. The grille just above the bumper bar has also changed. On the C141 the grille is a mesh material with the wires of the mesh criss-crossing diagonally at about a 45deg. angle. On the C142 the mesh is straight, with the wires running horizontally and vertically. Also the mirrors on the C141 are round, and on the C142 they are oval.
 The C142 was in production until it was replaced in August 1966 by the all new Nissan Caball C240.
 The C142 was the last Nissan ever to have rear hinged 'suicide' doors.

A sales brochure for the Nissan caball C141

1957 Nissan Junior Caball C40 Specifications 
Length - 4610mm  
Width - 1675mm  
Height - 1990mm  
Wheelbase - 2390mm  
Weight - 1520kg  
Top speed - 110kph
Transmission - 4 speed Column change

Engine Specifications 
OHV 4 Cylinder 
Model - H20  
Capacity - 1982cc  
Bore & Stroke - 87x83mm 
Power - 99bhp@5000rpm 

Final Drive - unknown


Model Variations
Nissan Caball C142  
The truck version was available with either a "styleside" cargo area as pictured here, or with a steel cargo area with fold down sides.
Nissan Caball VC142 
A van version of the C141 was also available, which was called the VC141. A micro bus version of this van was also built, which seated 14 people, this was the KC142.
Nissan Caball Diesel QC142 
The Caball was also available with a diesel engine. The engine used was the Nissan SD22, which was a 2164cc with a Diesel Kiki brand mechanical injection system that produced 70hp. 
This vehicle has a Diesel badge under the Caball badge on the front of the truck.
Nissan Echo Bus QC142  
A larger bus was also built on the chassis and mechanicals of the C141 Caball called the Nissan Echo. They were available in a 17 or 20 seat format.
Nissan Junior 41 
The C142 Caball truck was besed on the chassis and mechanicals of the 41 series Nissan Junior pickup. More information about this model can be found on the 41 series Junior page.

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