Nissan Caball

1962 C141 Model

The C141 Nissan Caball went into production in 1962. All the previous Caball trucks were refered to as the Nissan Junior Caball, stemming from the fact that the Caball was based on the chassis and mechanicals of the Nissan Junior pickup, but from 1962 onwards the Junior name is no longer associated with the Caball. The previous models never had a badge on them that said Junior, it was only in Nissan's sales brochures and internal literature that the Junior name was used.


When the first C141 Caball was released in 1962 it's body was exactly the same as the previous C140 model. The main difference between the C140 and the C141 was that the C140 used the 1488cc 77hp G series engine, but for the new C141 model the G engine was still available, but the main engine used was the 1883cc 92hp H series engine. The 1962 C141 can be differentiated from the C140 by the new 1900 badge that is located under the Caball badge.

In 1963 a significant and major change was made to the C141 Caball. The 1963 model got a completely new nose section, replacing everything from the windscreen downwards. To give more legroom in the cabin the new nose section extends forwards an extra 180mm. When viewed side on the 1963 model bulges outwards noticably from under the windscreen. The new nose section also incorporates a new headlight design, which has a large headlight surround with the headlights on top and a large round indicator below the headlight There is a new grille that has several rows of horizontal slots with a blank V shaped section in the middle, which contains a squarish badge that says Nissan. I met a C141 Caball owner a few years back and his young daughter called the truck 'droopy eyes', which kind of nicely describes it's appearence.

 The C141 was in production until it was replaced by the C142 in 1965.


Model Variations


1962 Model

When launched in 1962 the C141 had excatly the same body as the previous C140 model.


1963 Model

For 1963 the C141 got an entirely new front design.

Model Variations


Nissan Junior Caball C141

The truck version was available with either a "styleside" cargo area as pictured here, or with a steel cargo area with fold down sides.  


Nissan Caball Diesel QC141

The Caball was also available with a diesel engine. The engine used was the Nissan SD22, which was a 2164cc with a Diesel Kiki brand mechanical injection system that produced 70hp.
This vehicle has a Diesel badge under the Caball badge on the front of the truck.


Nissan Caball VC141

A van version of the C141 was also available, which was called the VC141. A micro bus version of this van was also built, which seated 14 people, this was the KC141.  


Nissan Caball Double Cab

A 4 door 6 seater was also built in small numbers.

1962 Nissan Junior Caball C141 Specifications

Length - 4580mm
Width - 1675mm
Height - 1990mm
Wheelbase - 2390mm
Weight - 1505kg
Top speed - 103kph
Transmission - 4 speed Column change

1500 Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G
Capacity - 1488cc
Bore & Stroke - 80x74mm
Power - 77bhp@5200rpm
Final Drive - unknown

1900 Engine Specifications

1900 Engine
Model - H
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1883cc
Bore & Stroke 85x83mm
Power - 92hp@5000rpm
Torque- 117ft/lb@3200rpm
Compression - 8.0 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi 2D32A dual throat down draught

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