Nissan Junior

1959 B140 Model

 The previous model B40 series Nissan Junior was a tough and robust truck, the only thing it needed was a better engine, and that's what it got with the new B140 series Junior.  


On the outside the B140 is pretty much identical to it's predecessor the B40. The only major difference being the grille. The new grille no longer has the series of 14 short vertical slots in the lower section that the previous model had, instead it now has two long horizontal slots. The top section of the grille now has two rows of horizontal slots instead of the three slots on the past models.

The big change with this model is to the engine. The previous models had used the Austin B series engine, which produced 50hp. The B140 featured a new Nissan designed engine G series engine, which was slightly smaller, at 1488cc, but produced much more power with 77hp on tap. This same engine would also be used for the Nissan Cedric 30 sedan and the Datsun Fairlady SP310 sports car. The new engine appeared similar to the old Austin engine, but was a completely new design based on Austin's engine design principals, only improved. The G engine had 7 ports in the head instead of the 5 in the Austin engine, which combined with greatly improved manifolds and a dual throat carburettor, made the Nissan engine flow much better. The Nissan engine overcame the chronic oil leak problems associated with the Austin engine thanks to a complete redesign of the crankshaft and it's seals.

 The B140 continued in production until January 1962, when it was replaced by the all new Nissan Junior 40 series.


Model Variations


Nissan Junior B140

The truck version was available with either a "styleside" cargo area as pictured here, or with a steel cargo area with fold down sides.


Nissan Junior VB140

A rather odd delivery van version was also introduced at the same time as the truck. The van shown here is actually a Junior B140 that has been converted into an ambulance. These were fairly common in Japan at the time.


Nissan Junior FRB140  

The B140 could be ordered as an "E Chassis", which gave you only a running chassis with the front section and the windscreen, and nothing else. Another option based on this "E Chassis" was the FRB140, which was a small fire truck version.

1959 Nissan Junior B140 Specifications

Length - 4290mm
Width - 1675mm
Height - 1820mm
Wheelbase - 2500mm
Weight - 1475kg
Top speed - 90kph
Transmission - 4 speed Column change

Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G
Capacity - 1488cc
Bore & Stroke - 80x74mm
Power - 77bhp@5200rpm
Final Drive - unknown

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