Nissan 680

1959 680 and 690 Model

The Nissan 680 was introduced in March 1959, and was an all new design from the ground up.


he 680 marked a big step up in design from the previous Nissan 580 series. The new truck featured bold and very modern styling for it's time. The broad flat front area of the truck had quad headlights, which were becoming fashionable on passenger cars from that era. The headlights on the 680 had the lights stacked vertically, with one on top of the other.

The grille consisted of a large rectangular opening with an odd looking protruding grille that was quite short, and left a large gap at the top and bottom of the opening. The grille was a one piece white painted pressed steel design, with the top bar significantly wider than the bottom one. A large chrome and red Nissan badge was attached to the grille. Above the grille there was another air intake, this opening featured a white painted strip with a raised section in the middle with 680 stamped into it.

 Mechanically the 680 was very different to the previous model. The 680 was fitted with the all new Nissan P series engine, which was an overhead valve 3956cc 6 cylinder engine that produced 125hp. The 680 also had a new 5 speed gearbox. The chassis was 200mm longer than the 580, and a long wheel base model was also built. A bus version was introduced in September 1959, and it was designated the Nissan 690.

In 1965 the P series engine was upgraded to produce 145hp. At this time there was a change to the grille design. The 1965 model uses the same grille as the 1959 model, but it no longer has the chrome and red Nissan badge. The air intake above the grille now has a taller white painted strip, which now has Nissan stapmed on it.

In 1968 Nissan released the new Nissan 681. The 681 continued to use the 145hp P series engine, but had a new front end styling. The new 681 has a full width grille that now incorporates the headlight surrounds. The 681 continues to use quad headlights, but they are now arranged side by side rather than one on top of the other. 


Model Variations


Nissan 680 - 1959

The truck version of the 580.


Nissan 681 - 1968

The updated version of the 680, with a new grille design.  


Nissan 690 Bus

The bus version of the 680.

1959 Nissan 680 Specifications

Length - 6823mm
Width - 2027mm
Height - 2250mm
Wheelbase - 4200mm
Weight - 4240kg
Top speed - unknown
Transmission - 4 speed Floor change

Engine Specifications

Model - P
Capacity - 3956cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 125bhp@3400rpm
Torque- 210ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 7 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi VC-42-1 down draught
Final Drive - 6.33:1

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