Nissan Cedric Special

1964 - 50 Series Mark 2

The 1964 model entered production in September 1963, and went on sale late 1963.  


Just like the 1964 31 series Cedric, the 1964 Cedric Special featured the new timber veneer dashboard. The new dashboard has a timber veneer facia, and features a new wide instrument binacle with a long 'bar graph' style speedometer. The timber dashboard facia consists of three seperate sections (glove box lid, radio section, and instrument binnacle) that are a cast alloy material with a chrome plated raised edge. The timber veneer, which is real timber, is bonded to these alloy sections.

It has a new grille design, with a gold Cedric Star emblem in the middle and seperate gold letters above the star spelling Special. The side badges say Cedric and Special. On the boot lid on the left side there is a 2800 badge, and on the right it says Cedric Special. There is a 2800 badge on the side of the car at the back, just above the side strip.

 The tail lights are the same as the previous model, except that the reflectors under the tail lights are now rectangular.

 The 1964 model continues to use the K series 2825cc 6 cylinder engine, and is now available with a 35 series Borg Warner 3 speed automatic transmission.

 The 1964 Cedric Special was in production from September 1963 until September 1964, when it was replaced by the updated Mark III version.


1964 Cedric Special 50 Mark 2

There were no other varianys of the 1964 50 Series Cedric Special.


1964 Cedric 31 series Mark 2

The Cedric Special was based on the regular 4 cylinder 31 Series Cedric.

1964 Nissan Cedric Special Specifications

Length - 4795mm
Width - 1690mm
Height - 1490mm
Wheelbase - 2835mm
Weight - 1480kg
Top speed - 150kph
Column change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - K
OHV 6 Cylinder
Capacity - 2825cc
Bore & Stroke 85x83mm
Power - 118hp@4800rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - 8.5 : 1
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive 3.889 : 1

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