Nissan Carrier

1951 4W70 Model

Nissan's big four wheel drive truck.


After the end of the Second World War the occupying forces, along with the Japanese government, faced the huge task of rebuilding the war ravaged country, as well as restarting the economy. The country needed trucks to help rebuild, and rather than simply import trucks for the task the decision was made to increase production in Japan's motor industry, which would supply the vehicles needed as well as provide jobs and stimulate the economy.

Nissan were already building trucks of their own design, but there was a need to have trucks that could traverse rougher terrain, and Nissan's answer to that need was the Nissan Carrier, though the design was not all Nissan's handiwork. In the United States in 1950 the Dodge M37 four wheel drive truck went into production, which was to replace the Dodge WC series that was used during the war. The M37 was a troup carrier that was also to be used as a flat bed all-terrain truck. As part of the aid package to rebuild Japan, Nissan were given the rights to build a vehicle based on the Dodge M37.

 Nissan's version of the M37 was to be called the 4W70, and would be sold as the Nissan Carrier, though the Carrier name never appeared anywhere on the vehicle. Whilst the Carrier was definately based on the Dodge, it wasn't a complete copy. It utilised a chassis that was basically the same, but instead of using the Dodge mechanicals it instead used the running gear from the newly released 4W60 Nissan Patrol four wheel drive. The engine used was the 3670cc 6 cylinder NAK series Nissan engine, which developed 75hp, 3hp less than the Dodge T245 engine used in the M37. It also used the 4WD system from the Patrol.

 Visually the 4W70 was very similar to the M37, but there were several differences. Most obvious was the grille, which was much narrower on the Nissan. The front guards on the Nissan were flat at the top and tapered downwards towards the back, whereas the Dodge guards curved downwards at the front.

 In the about 1955 some changes were made to the Carrier, and the new model was called the 4W72. (No 4W71 was built) The new model featured the new 3960cc NC series engine, which gave it a big power increase from 75hp up to 105hp. It recieved a new bonnet design that was more curved at the front, and also had a raised bonnet bulge at the front. The 4W70 had a pressed steel grille with ten rows of horizontal slots, the 4W72 had a grille which consisted of eight vertical steel bars. The front guards now slope downwards slightly at the front, and the headlights are set slightly closer to the ground.

 At the end of the decade another new model was released, the 4W73. This model received the new P series engine from the 60 Series Patrol, which was a 3956cc OHV engine that produced 125hp. This model had a more rounded bonnet design, and a grille that has a small recess at the top.

 A small number of 4W73s were purchased by the Indian military in the early 1960s, and eventually a deal was done where the 4W73 was build under licence in India and sold as the Jonga.


Model Variations


Nissan Carrier 4W70

The first Carrier had the 3670cc NAK engine, which produced 75hp. This model as a pressed steel grille, high set headlights and front guards that are flat at the top.  


Nissan Carrier 4W72

The second Carrier has the 3690cc 105hp NC engine. Grille is little more than a frame made of cylindrical steel rods. Headlights are set at a lower height, and the front guards curve downwards at the front.  


Nissan Carrier 4W73

The final version had the P series 3956cc 125hp engine. The bonnet is more rounded at the front than the 4W72, and the top bar of the grille dips down slightly in the middle.  

1951 Nissan Carrier 4W70 Specifications

Length - 3730mm
Width - 2045mm
Height - 2355mm
Wheelbase - 2800mm
Weight - 2690kg
Top speed - 89kph
Floor change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - NAK
Capacity - 3670cc
Bore & Stroke 82x114mm
Power - 75bhp@3200rpm
Torque- 152ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 6.4 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex 40PH single throat down draught
Final drive - 4.09:1  

Engine Specifications

Model - NC
Capacity - 3960cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 105bhp@3400rpm
Torque- 195ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 6.8 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Stromberg VC-45 single throat down draught
Final drive - 4.09:1

Engine Specifications

Model - P
Capacity - 3956cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 125bhp@3400rpm
Torque- 210ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 7 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Stromberg VC-42-1 down draught
Final drive - 4.09:1 

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