Nissan Patrol

1959 4W65 Model

Further improvements to the Nissan's four wheel drive vehicle.


Nissan by now had had developed a habit of occasionally skipping the next obvious designation in their model code system, and the Patrol series was no different when they went striaght from the 4W61 to the new 4W65 in October 1958.
The new 4W65 Patrol was another evolution of the original 1951 4W60 Patrol, but this one had some significant changes. In an attempt to make the vehicle look more contempory, and less agricultural, several changes were made to the styling at the front. The most noticable of these was to the front guards, which are now much more rounded, rather than the flat planks on the previous models. The front featured the obligatory new grille design, which was similar to the 4W61 grille, but now all the horizontal bars are chrome plated, on the 4W61 only two bars were plated.

The 4W65 has a new bonnet design, which is flat at the front, but has a bulge that starts a couple of inches from the front of the bonnet and extends backwards. The bonnet also has a painted strip that runs down the centre. The badge on the front says Nissan, and on the sides to the bonnet there is now a Patrol badge. Also introduced at this time was the WG4W65, which was a long wheelbase 8 seater hardtop wagon version.

 The 4W65 used the same engine as the previous 4W61 Patrol, which was the Nissan NC engine, which was a 3960cc 6 cylinder side valve engine that produced 105hp.

 In December 1959 the very short lived 4W66 model was introduced. This new model was externally identical to the 4W65, but very different mechanically. This model featured the new P series engine that would soon go into the all new 60 series Nissan Patrol. The P engine was an overhead valve 3956cc 6 cylinder engine that produced 125hp. The 4W66 had one of the shortest production runs of any Nissan ever, when it's run finished six months later in June 1960.


Model Variations


Nissan Patrol 4W65

The standard version of the 4W65, which was fitted with the 3960cc 6 cylinder side valve Nissan NC engine, which produced 105hp.  


Nissan Patrol 4W66

The 4W66 was externally the same as the 4W65, but instead had the new 125hp P series overhead valve 3956cc engine. The vehicle shown here is an F4W66, which was a specialty fire truck variant.  


Nissan Patrol WG4W65 Wagon

A wagon version was introduced for the first time since a tiny number of 4W60 wagons were built in the early 1950s. Unlike the standard 4W65, the wagon was fully enclosed with a steel roof and steel doors. It was an 8 seater, with seating for 2 in the front, 3 in the middle and 3 at the back. It was built on a longer 2500mm wheelbase.  

1959 Nissan Patrol 4W65 Specifications  

Length - 3615mm
Width - 1792mm
Height - 1450mm
Wheelbase - 2200mm
Weight - 1550kg
Top speed - 105kph
Floor change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - NC
Capacity - 3960cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 105bhp@3400rpm
Torque- 195ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 6.8 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Stromberg VC-45 single throat down draught
Final drive - 4.09:1

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