Nissan Patrol

1955 4W61 Model

 The second version of the Patrol, the 4W61, went into production in August 1955. 


After the war many materials were in sort supply in Japan, and one of those materials was chrome. When the first Patrol, the 4W60, came out in 1951 the vehicle was completely devoid of all chromework. By 1955 supply issues were beginning to fade, and as a result when the updated Patrol went on sale it featured some shiny bits for the first time. The basic structure of the new 4W61 was the same as the 4W60, but several changes were made to the front of the vehicle.

The front grille section is the same external shape as the previous model, but the grille design is different. The old model had a series of horizontal slots for a grille, the 4W61 instead has five horizontal bars for a grille. Of those five bars the 1st, 3rd and 5th bars are painted the same colour as the body, while the 2nd and 4th bars are chrome plated. There is now a large chrome and red Nissan badge on the grille. The front guards are now much closer to the ground, and as a result the side of the bonnet is much taller, from the guard to the top of the bonnet. There is now a chrome strip on either side of the bonnet. The fold down windscreen now has different hinges that are set closer to the screen, and when it is folded down it sits further back than the previous model. The windscreen is now a one piece instead of the split screen on the 4W60. The previous 4W60 had two equal sized front seats, the 4W61 has a narrow driver's seat and a wide passenger seat.

 The other big change is to the engine. The 4W61 was introduced in 1955 with the new 3666cc 6 cylinder 92hp Nissan NB series engine. Later in it's production run it was fitted with the Nissan NC engine, which was a 3960cc 6 cylinder engine that produced 105hp.

 The 4W61 was in production until October 1958, when it was replaced with the 4W65 Patrol.


1955 Nissan Patrol 4W61 Specifications  

Length - 3615mm
Width - 1792mm
Height - 1450mm
Wheelbase - 2200mm
Weight - 1550kg
Top speed - 105kph
Floor change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - NC
Capacity - 3960cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 105bhp@3400rpm
Torque- 195ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 6.8 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Stromberg VC-45 single throat down draught
Final drive - 4.09:1

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