Nissan 480

1953 480 Model

 The Nissan 480 replaced the Nissan 380 in May 1953, after the 380 had been in production for only seventeen months. The body and chassis of the 480 is exactly the same as the previous 380, the only differences being to the trim pieces on the outside, and more importantly to the engine. 


The most noticable change to the truck is it's new grille. The previous 380 had two grille openings that contained five thin horizontal chrome bars, on the new 480 the five thin bars are replaced with three very wide full width horizontal bars. The trim piece that covers the slot on the side of the bonnet is also altered, and is now longer and incorporates a new Nissan badge at the front of the strip.

The other big change for the 480 was to the engine. The 480 featured the first new Nissan truck engine in over seventeen years with the introduction of the new 3666cc 6 cylinder 92hp Nissan NB series engine. The new engine offered a 7hp increase over the previous engine. A diesel engine was also available, which was a 4 cylinder 3832cc unit producing 90hp.

 A bus version of the Nissan 480 was also available, called the Nissan 490. The 490 was actually released three months before the truck, in February 1953.

 Later in the production run there was a change to the engine, with the introduction of the 3960cc 105hp NC series engine. The model fitted with this engine was designated the Nissan 482, and the bus was designated the Nissan 492. These vehicles were visually unchanged from the original 480 and 490 models.

 The Nissan 480 was in production from May 1953 until December 1955, when it was replaced with the Nissan 580 series.


Model Variations


Nissan 480 - 1953

The truck version of the 480.


Nissan 482 - 1955

In early 1955 the 482 was released with th larger NC series engine.


Nissan 480 Cab Chassis

Cab/Chassis and Bonnet/Chassis versions were also available to allow customers to build their own custom bodies.  


Nissan 490

The Nissan 490 was the bus version.  

1953 Nissan 480 Specifications

Length - 6358mm
Width - 2160mm
Height - 2210mm
Wheelbase - 4000mm
Weight - 2970kg
Top speed - 85kph
Transmission - 4 speed Floor change
Final Drive - 6.33:1

480 Engine Specifications

Model - NB
Capacity - 3666cc
Bore & Stroke unknown
Power - 92bhp@3400rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex 40PH single throat down draught 

482 Engine Specifications

Model - NC
Capacity - 3960cc
Bore & Stroke 86x114mm
Power - 105hp@3400rpm
Torque- 195 ft/lb@1600rpm
Compression - 6.8 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Stromberg VC-45 single throat down draught

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