Nissan 270X

1970 Concept Car


Not to be outdone by Toyota again, in 1970 Nissan unveiled a second concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. The new car was called the Nissan 270X.

The 270X carried in in a similar theme to the 126X which was also unveiled at the same show, and also featured a one piece lift-up canopy arrangement instead of doors. This meant that the roof, windscreen, and sides all lifted up in one section, with the canopy being hinged at the front just under the windscreen. The main difference between the 270X and the 126X was that the 126X was a rear engined car, while the 270X is a front engined design. The back section of the car houses a huge luggage area contained under a heavilly curved rear glass hatch.

 With it's futuristic lines the Nissan 270X looks like it could eat Ferraris for breakfast, yet the reality is vastly different. For reasons unknown Nissan decided to fit this exotic looking car with the engine and mechanicals from the new E10 Datsun Cherry. This meant that the car had a 1171cc 68hp A12 engine. The front wheel drive system from the Cherry was also used, with it's 4 speed gearbox. The only modification made to the drivetrain was that the engine had to be slanted at an extreme angle to fit it under the very low bonnet.


1970 Nissan 270X Specifications

Length - unknown
Width - unknown
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - unknown
Weight - unknown
Top speed - unknown
Transmission - unknown

Engine Specifications

Model - A12 series
OHV 4 cylinder
Capacity - 1171cc
Bore & Stroke - 73x70mm
Power - 68hp@6000rpm
Torque - 9.7kg/m@3600rpm
Compression - 9.0 : 1
Fuel system - Hitachi dual throat down draught
Final Drive - unknown

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