Production line photos from 1921 to 1969.

The DAT factory in 1921.

The first Datsun 14 rolls off the production line in 1934.

Datsun 16s on the production line in 1936.

Datsun DB-2 being assembled with hand held lights.

A 5 ton Nissan truck body being lowered into it's chassis in 1954.

Nissan's design team in 1954.

Clay mock-ups being prepared in Prince's design studio.

Nissan SD22 being assembled in 1968.

Cedrics on production line
31 series Cedrics on the production line in 1964.

the yellow one looks interesting
P410 Bluebirds near completion in 1964.

loading Fairlady 1500s
The 100,000th export vehicle, a 1965 Fairlady 1500, being loaded onto the ship.

check out the body roll on the Cedric
Various 1964 models on the high speed test track.

1968 Fairladys await loading onto the Zama Maru at Hommoku Wharf.

P411 Bluebirds being assembled at the Pressed Metal Co. factory in Sydney Australia in 1966.

1967 1/2 model Fairladys on the production line at the Nissan Shatai factory.

The 5,000,000th Nissan vehicle, a P510, rolls off the production line in 1969.

Nissan Factories
By the end of the 1960s the Nissan Motor Company had 8 factories in Japan and had factories assembling cars in 15 foreign countries.

OPPAMA - This was their biggest factory. Most of the passenger cars were built here, including the Bluebird, Cedric and President range.

MURAYAMA - This was the old Prince Motor Company factory. It assembles all the models previously sold as Princes, the Skyline, Gloria, Homer, Miler, Clipper and Laurel models. Also built the 1000 Pick-Up.

ZAMA - The truck and commercial vehicle factory, assembling the Junior, Pick-Up and large truck ranges. Also assembles the Sunny range.

YOKOHAMA - Manufactures engines, axles, tools, etc.

YOSHIWARA - Manufactures gearbox and steering components.

TOCHIGI - Manufactures engine components.

OGIKUBO - Home of Nissan's space rocket program.

MITAKA - Manufactures Prince Jet-Looms and Automatic Silk Reeling Machines and other textile machinery. (Yes, I know, it has nothing to do with Early Datsun cars, I just thought I'd add it anyway !)

Nissan vehicles were also being built by two seperate companies, Nissan Shatai and Aichi Machine Co.

Nissan Motor Company's Overseas Factories

AUSTRALIA - Melbourne and Sydney
CHILE - Arica
GHANA - Accra
INDIA - Karachi
INDONESIA - Djakarta
MEXICO - Mexico City
NEW ZEALAND - Auckland
PERU - Lima and LaPaz
TAIWAN - Taipei
THAILAND - Bangkok

Nissan's head office was in Yokohama, but it was moved in the late 1960s to Tokyo. All Early Datsuns left Japan via Nissan's Hommoku Wharf on the car carrier ships, the "Bluebird", the "Hommoku-Maru", the "Oppama-Maru" and the "Zama-Maru".

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