Datsun Sunny Coupe

1969 - KB10 Series

 In 1969 Nissan introduced one of the prettiest cars they have ever built, though sadly it was only in production for a very short time.  


The KB10 Sunny Coupe is based on the B10 Datsun Sunny sedan, which was released in April 1966. Initially only a two door sedan version of the Sunny was available, then in 1967 a four door sedan, a pickup and a van were added to the range. Then, well over two years later, the coupe was released. The Sunny Coupe went into production in 1969, and was built until early 1970.
The Coupe was built on the floorpan and mechanicals of the standard two door sedan. It used the same 988cc A10 OHV 4 cylinder engine as the sedan, but it had different manifolds, a different carburettor, and a cylinder head with different porting that gave it an output of 66hp compared to 60hp in the sedan. When the sedan came out in 1966 Nissan made the rather bizarre decission to fit the car with a transverse leaf spring front suspension setup, something that was incredibly outdated by that time. This rather un-sporty system was also used on the Coupe as well. 


The coupe body was noticeably lower than the sedan. This, combined with it's crisp lines gave the car an angular and sporty look. Many of the design features, in particular the sharp creases and folds in the panels and the airy glasshouse area were very reminiscent of the 1965 Nissan Silvia. Inside the car it was very different to the sedan. The Coupe had a completely different dashboard. The sedan had a painted dash with a black padded top, and an instrument binnacle attached to the front of the dash. The Coupe has a molded black plastic dash with a recessed brushed alloy instrument binnacle with three large round dials. 

 The grille on the Sunny Coupe is completely different to all the other Sunny models. It features seven thin horizontal chrome bars and has a badge located in the lower right hand corner of the grille with a red, white and blue design that looks like a reversed French flag. On the side of the car there is a Sunny 1000 badge on cars sold in Asia, and for most other markets there is a Datsun badge. On the boot lid there is a large round badge with an S in the middle.
 Only in production for a year and a half, the KB10 Sunny Coupe was replaced in early 1970 by the blander and less stylish, though faster and better handing, KB110 Datsun Sunny 1200 Coupe.

Model Variations


1969 Datsun Sunny Coupe

There were no model variations of the KB10.


Datsun Sunny B10

The KB10 Sunny Coupe was based on the B10 Datsun Sunny sedan.   

1969 Datsun KB10 Specifications

Length - 3770mm
Width - 1445mm
Height - 1310mm
Wheelbase - 2280mm
Weight - 675kg
Top speed - 140kph
Transmission - Floor change 4 speed

A10 Series Engine Specifications

Model - A10
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 988cc
Bore & Stroke 72x59mm
Power - 66bhp@6000rpm
Torque -
Compression - 8.5 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi single throat down draught
Final drive - 4.11 : 1

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