Datsun DS2

1951 DS2 Model

The Datsun DS-2 went into production in 1951, and was the replacement for the Datsun DS.


The previous Datsun DS was little more than a sedan version of the pre-war Datsun 17T truck. The DS-2 featured all new styling and a completely new body, but was still based on the old truck chassis.
In 1948 Nissan had introduced the Datsun DB series, which would serve as their standard passenger car range right through until 1955. The Datsun DS series was introduced as an entry level vehicle that was more basic and would sell for significantly less than the DB series. Although there were never any badges on the cars to signify this, the vehicles in the DB series were refered to as the Datsun deLuxe, and from the DS-2 onwards the DS series was refered to as the Datsun Thrift, a name to signify it's place in the model range. 

The styling of the DS-2 was certainly more modern than the old DS sedan. With it's grille consisting of four vertical chrome bars that run from the front of the bonnet all the way down to the bumper, and it's closely set headlights, it gave the appearance of being a small scale version of a Willys Jeep. Thanks to it's rather square and boxy styling it was affectionately known in Japan at the time as the "Square Dandy".

 The Datsun DS-2 continued to use the Type 7 722cc 20hp engine from the previous model. Only in production for a brief time, the Datsun DS-2 was replaced with the Datsun DS-4 Thrift in 1952.


Model Variations


Datsun DS-2 - 1951

There were no other versions of the DS-2. 


Datsun 5147 Truck

 The Datsun DS-2 was based on the Datsun 5147 truck chassis, more information about this vehicle can be found on the Datsun 5147 page.  

1951 Datsun DS-2 Sedan Specifications  

Length - 3500mm
Width - 1400mm
Height - 1550mm
Wheelbase - 2006mm
Weight - 770kg
Top speed - 72kph
Transmission - Floor
change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - Type 7
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 722cc
Bore & Stroke 55x75mm
Power - 20hp@3600rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - 6.5 : 1
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown

Built with Mobirise ‌

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