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1954 Datsun DB-6 Model

 The Datsun DB-6 was introduced in 1954 and was the last vehicle in the DB series. The DB-6 was in production for only a short amount of time, with the first cars rolling off the line well into 1954, and the last one built in December 1954. 
 Visually the Datsun DB-6 is identical to the last of the previous Datsun DB-5 in every way. The only significant difference between the two was that the DB-5 had a three speed gearbox, and the new DB-6 has a four speed. It continues to use the 860cc 25hp side valve D-10 engine. 
 Production of the Datsun DB-6 finished in December 1954, there was no direct replacement for the DB series. In January 1955 Nissan released the completely new Datsun 110 model, the first car in the series that would eventually become the Datsun Bluebird. Technically the Datsun 110 was the replacement for the Datsun DS series, which was sold alongside the DB series throughout the first half of the 1950s. Nissan would offer the Nissan built Austin A40 and A50 as their more upmarket cars until the Nissan Cedric was released in 1960.

A sales brochure for the Datsun DB-6

1954 Datsun DB-6 Sedan Specifications  
Length - 3805mm   
Width - 1480mm   
Height - 1560mm   
Wheelbase - 2150mm   
Weight - 890kg   
Top speed - unknown 

Transmission - Floor change 4 speed

Engine Specifications 
Model - Type D-10 
Side Valve 4 Cylinder  
Capacity - 860cc   
Bore & Stroke 60x75mm   
Power - 25bhp@3600rpm   
Torque- 4.9kg/m@2400rpm   
Compression - 6.6 : 1   
Carburettor - Hitachi VA26-1 single throat down draught   

Final drive - 6.43 : 1


Model Variations
Datsun DB-6  
 The sedan was the only version of the Datsun DB-6, no other models were built.

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