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1949 Datsun DB-2 Model

 The Datsun DB-2 was released in 1949. Though it doens't mention it anywhere on the vehicle, the all the cars in the Datsun DB series from now until 1954 were sold as the Datsun deLuxe. The original Datsun DB model from 1948 had been a rather obvious copy of the 1947 Crosley. For the Datsun DB-2 model Nissan decided to alter the design of the front of the car to make it look a bit less like a Crosley. 
 The most distinctive design feature of the Crosley was the dorsal fin that ran along the bonnet and down the front of the car. The first thing Nissan did was to completely remove this feature from the car. The DB-2 instead has a subtle crease through the centre of the bonnet, and the front of the car is almost completely flat. The previous model also had two seperate grilles, with one either side of the dorsal fin. For the DB-2 the grille is now one piece, and it consists of six thin horizontal bars that cover nearly the full width of the car. The rest of the car remains unchanged. All the mechanicals remain the same, including the 722cc 15hp Type 7 side valve engine and the 3 speed gearbox. 
 In 1950 there was a slight change to the design of the grille. Instead of having six thin horizontal bars the 1950 model has five horizontal bar. The top, middle and bottom bars are much thicker than before, while the 2nd and 4th bars are thin. Above the grille there is a bracket where the number plate attaches. 
 The Datsun DB-2 was built during 1949 and 1950, in 1951 it was replaced with the four door Datsun DB-4.

A Japanese newspaper advertisment for the Datsun range, featuring the Datsun DB-2

1949 Datsun DB-2 Sedan Specifications  
Length - unknown   
Width - unknown   
Height - unknown   
Wheelbase - 2006mm   
Weight - unknown   
Top speed - unknown 

Transmission - Floor
change 3 speed

Engine Specifications 
Model - Type 7 
Side Valve 4 Cylinder  
Capacity - 722cc   
Bore & Stroke 55x75mm   
Power - 16hp@3500rpm   
Torque- 27ft/lb@2000rpm   
Compression - 6.2 : 1   
Carburettor - unknown   
Final drive - unknown

Model Variations
Datsun DB-2 - 1949  
 The grille on the 1949 model consists of six thin horizontal bars, all of which are the same size.
Datsun DB-2 - 1950  
 The 1950 model has five horizontal bars. The top, middle and bottom bars are much thicker than the ones on the 1949 model, while the 2nd and 4th bars are thin.
Datsun DW-2  
 A wagon version of the DB-2 was also built, called the DW-2. Rather interestingly it was fitted with timber side panels, similar to those on the American "Woody" wagons that were popular in the United States at the time. This was Nissan's first, and last "Woody".

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