Datsun Bluebird

1965 - 411 Series

Externally the 1965 Bluebird 411 was just about identical to the 410. The only notable change to the exterior was that on most export cars the badge on the front guards now said DATSUN in block letters instead of the previous running writing script.


The big changes however were under the bonnet. The old 60hp 1189cc E-1 engine has been replaced with the new J series engine. To the untrained eye the new J engine looked exactly the same as the old E-1 engine, but the new J engine is larger internally at 1299cc, and now produces 67hp. As well as the increased capacity the other big change was to the exhaust manifold, which now features a much longer cast iron manifold that incorporates a tuned length two into one design. This new manifold can be clearly seen in the photo to the right. A base model version was also offered which continued to use the old E-1 1189cc 60hp engine.  


More excitingly though was the introduction to the range of the new R411 Datsun Bluebird SSS. The SSS was a new performance sedan that was fitted with the mechanicals from the Datsun Fairlady sports car. There is more about this car in the 'Model Variations' section below.

Another option offered for the first time was a factory fitted LPG version, which was the P411-P model.

Everything else about the car remained the same as the previous 410 model.


Model Variations


Standard Model

 An entry level model was also available. These had no shiny stainless steel trims on the door frames, or the windscreen frames. They also have no trims along the sills and no over riders on the bumpers. The badges on these models are silver instead of gold coloured. Instead of having hubcaps that cover the whole wheel they instead have tiny discs that only cover the wheel centre.  


WP411 - Wagon Model

 A wagon version of the 411 went on sale at the same time as the sedan. The wagon had a one piece rear door that was hinged at the top, the previous 312 had a two piece door arangement. Wagons have a Wagon badge on the tailgate door on the right hand side. A deLuxe and standard version were available.  


P411 - deLuxe Model

The Datsun P411 is the deLuxe version of the Datsun 411 sedan. Amongst other differences it has stainless steel door window frame trims and wider strips along the side of the car.   


R411 - Bluebird SSS

 The SSS was a high performance sedan version of the 1965 Bluebird. Essentially the same as the deLuxe version of the 411, except that the SSS used a slightly modified version of the engine and mechanicals from the Datsun Fairlady sports car.  


Datsun DP411-L Fancy deLuxe  

A "Fancy deLuxe" version was offered for the ladies, included bigger mirrors, a vanity mirror on the driver's side sunvisor, an under-dash stilletto shoe holder, an automatic clutch, bigger inside door handles, and an indicator that plays music box music instead of just making a clicking sound. They were all pale yellow with a pale yellow and grey interior.


Datsun DP411-M Bluebird SS  

 The SS was a performance sedan version of the 1965 Bluebird. Essentially the same as the deLuxe version of the 410, except that the SS has a pair of 38mm Hitachi side draught carburettors, very similar to those used on the Datsun Fairlady sports car. This increased the power to about 65hp. The SS had a 4 speed floor change gearbox and bucket seats. The only external difference is the SS badges on the C pillars.  


Datsun P411-R Two Door

 A two door version of the 411 was also made. The 2 door is exactly the same dimensions as the 4 door, except that it has longer front doors. The seats are unique to this models, as they fold forwards to allow access to the rear seat, the buckets in the 4 doors have fixed backs.  

Other Model Variations

There were several different model variations for the 410 series, and these can usually be identified by their model code.


W = If the model code begins with a W, then the vehicle is a wagon.

P is the code meaning 'power up', which is Nissan speak for a larger engine. If a 410 series car is a P410, then it has an E-1 series engine, if it is just a 410 (no P), then it has the C-1 series engine.

D indicates it is a deLuxe version

L indicates that the car is a left hand drive version. 


-R signifies that it is the 2 door model

-L is a Fancy deLuxe

-M means that the car was fitted with twin carbs

-N indicates that the car has the auto-clutch option

-T shows that the car has the 4 speed floor change gearbox

-U indicates that it has the 4.375:1 ratio final drive. Only export models had the 4.375 final drive, so the -U also indicates that it is an export model.


Many of these codes, particularly the suffixes, are internal codes used by Nissan themselves and are not printed on the vehicle anywhere.

1965 Datsun 411 Specifications

Length - 3995mm
Width - 1490mm
Height - 1390mm
Wheelbase - 2380mm
Weight - 885kg
Top speed - 128kph
Transmission - Column change 3 speed or floor change 4 speed

E-1 Series Engine Specifications

1200 Engine
Model - E-1
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1189cc
Bore & Stroke 73x71mm
Power - 60bhp@5000rpm
Torque- 67ft/lb@3600rpm
Compression - 7.5 : 1
Carburettor - Nikki dual throat downdraught
Final drive - 4.625:1

J Series Engine Specifications

1300 Engine
Model - J
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1299cc
Bore & Stroke 73x77mm
Power - 67bhp@5200rpm
Torque - 77ft/lb@4000rpm
Compression - 8.2 : 1
Carburettor - Nikki dual throat down draught
Final drive - 4.375:1 

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