Datsun 3135 Truck

1949 3135 Model

As the a tumultuous decade comes to a close quality slowly returns to the Nissan range.


By 1948 both Nissan, and Japan's economy, had recovered enough that it was deemed time to start building passenger cars again.
At this time Nissan began production of their first post-war sedan, the Datsun DA. The Datsun DA was based on the pre-war Datsun 17T truck, rather than being based on the 17 sedan, with the 17T having a shorter bonnet than the 17 sedan, and thus having the windscreen and cabin area closer to the front. This all seems an odd thing to do, but the reasoning was that they could simplify production by having the sedan and truck using the same chassis and also having everything from the windscreen forwards being the same, and also using the same doors on both.

This meant that after having designed the new 2124 body, Nissan now scrapped that and instead started building what was in effect a 1938 Datsun 17T with a different grille. Because that is exactly what the Datsun 3135 is, a pre-war 17T.

 All of the panels on the 3135 are exactly the same as the 17T. Chrome was still something of a luxury item in Japan, and so rather than use the 17T's chrome grille, a new painted pressed steel grille was made for the 3135. The 17T had chrome around the windscreen and a chrome front bumper, but on the 3135 these were all painted.

 Mechanically the 3135 is all the same as the 17T, with it's 722cc 16hp side valve engine.

The 3135 was in production from 1949 until it was replaced with the 4146 in January 1950.

Model Variations


Datsun 3135 Truck

The standard truck version of the 3135.  


Datsun 3135 Delivery Van

The Datsun 3135 was also available as a delivery van. The van is almost identical to the Datsun DA sedan, the only difference being that the van has a flat roof and the DA sedan has a roof that slopes downwards at the back.  

1949 Datsun 3135 Specifications

Length - unknown
Width - unknown
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - 2005mm
Weight - unknown
Top speed - 80kph
Transmission - Floor
change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - Type 7
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 722cc
Bore & Stroke 55x79mm
Power - 16hp@3600rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - unknown 
Final drive - unknown

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