Datsun 16

1937 16 Model

The Datsun 16 of 1937 was largely inchanged from the previous years Datsun 15. It went into production in April 1937, and was replaced by the Datsun 17 in April 1938.  


The mechanicals of the Datsun 16 were pretty much the same as the Datsun 15. It continued to use the same 722cc 4 cylinder engine, which produced 16hp. The gearing remained the same, so the top speed remained at 80kph.
The only significant change to the outside appearance of the car was the bonnet. 


On the Datsun 15 there are two horizontal chrome strips that run through the middle of the bonnet vents, spaced about 2 inches apart. On the Datsun 16 there were two chrome strips, but these strips were arranged with one on top of the row of vents, and another one below them.
Material shortages became more of an issue for Nissan, and the interiors of the Datsun 16s were more sparse. No efforts were made to produce a new truck variant, instead the Datsun 15T continued in production.


Model Variations


Datsun 16 Phaeton

 The four seater phaeton body continued to be built.  


Datsun 16 Sedan

 A four seater sedan version was also built. These were popular as taxis in Japan at the time.  


 Datsun 16 Roadster

 The Datsun 16 was also available as a two seater roadster.  


Datsun 16 Coupe

A coupe version was also built.

1937 Datsun 16 Specifications

Length - 3187mm
Width - 1190mm
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - 2005mm
Weight - unknown
Top speed - 80kph
Transmission - Floor
change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - Type 7
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 722cc
Bore & Stroke 55x76mm
Power - 16hp@3600rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - 5.4 : 1
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - 6.5 : 1

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