Datsun 13T Truck

1934 13T Model

 The Datsun 13T was the first in a long and successful line of small commercial vehicles that were based on Datsun passenger cars.  


The Datsun 13T was based on the 1934 Datsun 13 sedan, though it differed in appearance from the sedan in many ways. The Datsun 13 sedan had a chrome plated grille that was in the shape of an elongated love heart. This grille sloped at a slight angle. 

For the Datsun 13T truck they used a much simpler design which was close to being completely vertical. The truck grille was a pressed steel design that was painted the same colour as the body. The base of the grille on the truck was in the same location as the sloping grille, and as a result the truck had a longer bonnet. A delivery van version was also built, but it instead used the same grille as the sedan.

The bodies of the Datsun 13T were built by Yanase Motor and the Nihon Jidosha Corporation, and the chassis were built at the Osaka Plant of the Automotive Division of Tobata Casting. They were then assembled at Nissan's factory. As with the sedan, the 13T used the DAT 747cc side valve engine, which produced 12hp.The Datsun 13T was in production from April 1934 until March 1935. 

Model Variations


Datsun 13T Truck

 The truck verrsion, which has a different grille to the rest of the Datsun 13 range.  


Datsun 13 Van

 A commercial vehicle delivery van version was also made, with twin door on the back. The van version used the same grille as the Datsun 13 sedan.  


Datsun 13 Sedan

The 13T was based on the 13 sedan.

1934 Datsun 13T Specifications

Length - 2710mm
Width - 1175mm
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - 1880mm
Weight - 400kg
Top speed - unknown
Transmission - Floor change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - DAT
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 747cc
Bore & Stroke 56x76mm
Power - 12hp@3000rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown

Built with Mobirise ‌

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