Datsun 122 Truck

1956 122 Model

The Datsun 122 was only in production for a total of six months, from December 1955 through until May 1956. The body was essentially the same as the previous 110 model, but a few significant changes were made.


For reasons unknown, Nissan went straight from the Datsun 120 to the 122, completely missing the 121 designation.
The round front mounted indicators, placed either side of the grille opening on the Datsun 120, were replaced on the 112 model with tall oval indicators. The 122 has these front indicators, but her sister vehicle, the 112 sedan instead has no front indicators. In addition to these front lights there is now also a pair of bullet shaped indicators that sit on top of the front guards, back towards the windscreen. 

The 122 uses a similar grille to that of the previous 120 series, with four wide horizontal bars and a verticle bar in the centre, but the 122 had a wide vertical chrome trim in the centre that the 120 does not have.

 The dashboard has been completely redesigned. The old 120 model had an instrument binacle located in the centre of the dash, the new 122 has a redesigned instrument panel that is now located directly in front of the driver. The only difference between the sedan and truck dash is that the 122 has a big handle in the middle of the dash and the sedan does not.

 Mechanically the 122 was exactly the same as the 110. It continued to use the 860cc D-10 side valve engine. The gearbox was a 4 speed floor change unit


Model Variations


Datsun U122

The U122 was a double cab version of the 122 truck. It featured two rows of seats and a substantially smaller cargo area.   


Datsun 122

The standard pickup model.


Datsun AV122   

The AV122 was a delivery van version of the 122 truck. It was fitted with a single front bench seat and no rear seats. A 5 door wagon version of the 112 sedan was also made, which can be found on the Datsun 112 page.  


Datsun 112 Sedan

The 122 truck was based on the same chassis and mechanicals as the Datsun 112 series, which included a sedan and a wagon. More information about these vehicles can be found in the Datsun 112 section.

1956 Datsun 122 Specifications

Length - 3742mm
Width - 1466mm
Height - 1612mm
Wheelbase - 2220mm
Weight - 840kg
Top speed - 85kph
Transmission - Floor change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - D-10
Capacity - 860cc
Bore & Stroke 60x76mm
Power - 25bhp@4000rpm
Torque- 37ft/lb@2400rpm
Compression - 6.3 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex VA-26-2 26mm single throat downdraught
Final drive - 6.43:1

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