Datsun 12

1933 12 Model

 The Datsun 12 was an evolution of the 1932 Datsun 11. Much of the body remained the same, but the must significant changes were to the mechanicals.  


The previous Datsun 11 had continued to use the old 495cc 10hp side valve engine, which dated back to the days when the company was called DAT. For 1933 the regulations regarding maximum engine size for small cars was changed in Japan. Datsun had successfully petitioned the government asking that the capacity be increased, as they felt that the existing 500cc class was too restrictive. It probably didn't hurt that Takeuchi, one of the major investors in Datsun, was the cousin of the ex-Prime Minister of Japan, and he likely still had connections.
The new regulations now stated that small cars must be under 750cc, and Datsun's response to the changes was the introduction of the new bored and stroked version of the DAT engine, which now grew to 748cc and produced 12hp. A 2hp increase may now sound like much, but it was a 20% jump in performance.


The changes to the body were minimal. The bodywork at the top of the doors was altered, and now has a more rounded shape. Many cars left the factory with the top of the doors painted a darker colour. This line of different colour continued to the back of the car on most models, and towards the front on others.
The bodies of the Datsun 12s were built by Yanase Motor and the Nihon Jidosha Corporation.The chassis were built at the Osaka Plant of the Automotive Division of Tobata Casting, which was soon to change it's name to Nissan. 150 Datsun 12s were built, the 12 was replaced in 1934 by the Datsun 13.


Model Variations


Datsun 12 Phaeton

 The most popular vesrion of the Datsun 12 was the four seater open top phaeton body.  


Datsun 12 Sedan

 A four seater sedan version was also built.  


 Datsun 12 Roadster

 The Datsun 12 was also available as a two seater roadster.  


Datsun 12 Van

A commercial vehicle version was also offered, in the form of a delivery van. The Datsun 12 Van featured a significantly altered body, with the passenger cabin moved forward to allow for a larger cargo area.

1933 Datsun 12 Specifications

Length - 2710mm
Width - 1175mm
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - 1880mm
Weight - 400kg
Top speed - 73kph 
Transmission - Floor change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - DAT
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 748cc
Bore & Stroke 56x76mm
Power - 12hp@3700rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown

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