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1956 Datsun 113 Model

The Datsun 113 was in production from June 1956 through until September 1957. 
 Visually there is nothing to distinguish the Datsun 113 from the previous 112 model. In fact the only difference between the 112 and the new 113 is the gearbox, but this represented a major change for the vehicle.  
 The 112 used a 4 speed floor change gearbox that was a copy of the unit used in the Austin A40 Somerset, which Nissan was building under licence at the time. For the 113 Nissan introduced their own gearbox, which was a column change 4 speed gearbox with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th speeds. 
 The new Nissan designed gearbox was also 10kg lighter than the old Austin box. 
The column shift was seen as a major benefit in the Asian markets, as it would allow for three people to be seated in the front bench seat, but three full-sized European/American bodies would never be able to be comfortably accomodated across a narrow Datsun. 
The column change however was seen as a disadvantge in the West, by the time the 310 series Bluebird came out in the 1960s a floor change was offered as an option, and by the end of the 1960s the column change box was dropped from the export Bluebird range. 
 The dashboard stayed essentially the same as the previous model, with only a slight alteration to accomodate the shaft of the column change that ran parallel to the steering column. The body featured a new floor, with a much lower transmission tunnel. It continued to use the 860cc D-10 side valve engine. All other mechanicals were identical to the 112. 

A Japanese sales brochure for the Datsun 113.
An image from a Japanese language sales brochure for the 113, drawing attention to the column change gear lever.

1956 Datsun 113     
Length - 3860mm   
Width - 1466mm   
Height - 1540mm   
Wheelbase - 2220mm   
Weight - 880kg   
Top speed - 85kph 

Transmission - Column change 4 speed

Engine Specifications 
OHV 4 Cylinder  
Model - D-10   
Capacity - 860cc   
Bore & Stroke 60x76mm   
Power - 25bhp@4000rpm   
Torque- 37ft/lb@2400rpm   
Compression - 6.3 : 1   
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex VA-26-3 C type 26mm single throat downdraught 

Final drive - 6.43:1


Model Variations
Datsun W113  
 The Datsun W113 was the station wagon version of the Datsun 113 sedan. It was introduced at the same time as the sedan and features a two piece cargo door, with a framed glass section that opens upwards, and a lower section that folds downwards. 
 Mechanically it is the same as the sedan.
Datsun M113  
 The M113 is an ambulance / medical specialty vehicle based on the W113 wagon.
Datsun 123 Commercial Vehicles 
 A range of small commercial vehicles based on the Datsun 113 sedan were also produced at the same time. This range of vehicles, called the 123 series, included a pickup truck and a light van, as well as other variants. More information about these vehicles can be found in the Datsun 123 section.

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