Datsun 11

1932 11 Model

This is where it all begins. This car, the Datsun 11, was the first car to wear the Datsun name. The company can trace it's history back to 1912, when the first ancestors of Datsun were first built. But this is the first can to actually were the name.  

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And what a beautiful little car it is. The Datsun 11 is essentially an upgrade of the first car in this line, the 1930 Datson 10. The only significant changes being mostly cosmetic.
At the front of the car the same radiator grille design is carried over from the 10, with a chrome frame and a painted corrugated section top and bottom. The only difference is that the 10 has no badge on the grille, while the 11 features the newly designed Datsun logo. The Datsun logo was created by Yoshizaki Ryouzou and Tanaka Tsunesaburou, who took their inspiration from the Chevrolet bow tie logo. They used a rough outline of the Chevrolet badge, but applied traditional Japanese symbolism to the design. The red sections are a representation of the rising sun featured on the Japanese flag, with the cobalt blue section representing the sky. This emblem was used right throughout Datsun's life, and a stylised version is still used today in Nissan's corporate emblem.
The other significant change to the car is that the Datsun 11 now features vertical slots on the bonnet, instead of the horizontal ones on the Datson 10. Mechanically it remains the same as the Datson 10, using the 495cc 10hp DAT side valve engine. This car will be the last one to use the old DAT engine. The model range itself has been vastly expanded for the 11. The details are listed below, but the range now includes the phaeton body, as well as a four seat sedan, a roadster, a coupe and a van. No truck version was available at this time.
The Datsun 11 was in production during 1932, and a total of 150 were built. The 11 was replaced in 1933 by the Datsun 12. 


Model Variations


Datsun 11 Phaeton

The most popular vesrion of the Datsun 11 was the four seater open top phaeton body.  


Datsun 11 Sedan

 A four seater sedan version was also built.  


 Datsun 11 Coupe

 Available for the first time was a closed roof coupe. The hard top roof, with it's vertical rear windscreen was reminescent of the Ford Model A Doctor's Coupe body.  

Model Variations


Datsun 11 Roadster

 The Datsun 11 was also available as a two seater roadster. There were actually two different roadster bodies. The one shown here is the standard roadster body, which has a small trunk and the spare wheel mounted at the back of the car. There was another version built that had a shorter cabin, which finished at the back of the door openings. This version had a longer rear section that featured a fold up dicky seat/ rumble seat arangement.  


Datsun 11 Van

 A commercial vehicle version was also offered, in the form of a delivery van. The Datsun 11 Van featured a significantly altered body, with the passenger cabin moved forward to allow for a larger cargo area. The previous Datson 10 had the cabin in the same location as the passenger car, and as a result had a tiny cargo area.  

1932 Datsun 11 Specifications

Length - 2710mm
Width - 1175mm
Height - unknown
Wheelbase - 1880mm
Weight - 400kg
Top speed - unknown
Transmission - Floor change 3 speed

Engine Specifications

Model - DAT
Side Valve 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 495cc
Bore & Stroke 54x54mm
Power - 10hp@3700rpm
Torque- unknown
Compression - unknown
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown