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Cedric starred in the 1990 Australian film called "The Big Steal", which also starred Ben Mendelsohn and Claudia Karvan. 

In the film Ben plays an 18 year old who wants only two things in life, a Jaguar XJ6 and Claudia Karvan. For his 18th birthday Ben's parents give him a car, the 1964 31 series Cedric they have proudly owned for many years. Ben decides that the Cedric is not going to impress Claudia, so he trades it in for a Jaguar XJ6, which turns out to be a mobile disaster area. Meanwhile Ben's parents are very upset that Ben has sold the Cedric that has been part of the family for years. After many plot twists Ben gets Claudia, the parents get back their Cedric, and everyone lives happily ever after. The film has quite a few scenes with a near perfect condition light blue Cedric (and a near perfect condition Claudia Karvan!).  
A MUST-SEE FILM, it is available on video, go find it now. 

There was an Australian singing group called the "Nissan Cedrics". The two members of the "Nissan Cedrics" were Danielle Gaha and Louise Anton. The "Nissan Cedrics" were the house band on a late night variety show called "Club Buggery", which was hosted by HG Nelson (Greig Pickhaver) and Rampaging Roy Slaven (John Doyle). On one episode of Club Buggery they gave away a restored Nissan Cedric as a prize.  
The "Nissan Cedrics" recorded an album in 1997, it's cover featured a cake in the shape of a 31 series Cedric.

Some 31 series Cedrics had a dimmer control on the interior light, so you could dim the lights inside the cabin.

Cedric wagons have electrically operated tailgate windows, these can be raised and lowered by a switch on the dashboard, a switch inside the tailgate or by a key operated switch on the outside of the tailgate.

The 130 series Cedric was designed by the Italian Pininfarina design studio. Pininfarina are best known for their work for Ferrari, they have designed just about Ferrari ever built as well as many other exotic cars.

"Canned crisis" is an anagram of Nissan Cedric.

Some 31 series Cedrics were fitted with a radio that had a pull-out handle on the front, this allows you to remove the radio from a special slot in the dashboard. The radio had it's own batteries and a speaker and could be used as a portable radio when it was not in the car. A special key had to be inserted into the radio to allow it to be removed.

When the cars left the factory their delivery dockets were tucked up under the dashboard near the glove box. Many Cedrics still have these documents in place.

The name Cedric comes from a story called "The Little Prince", in the story the name of the hero was Cedric.
Nissan wanted to give the car a "distinguished English sounding name", that would appeal to a more "upper-class" customer. Instead they ended up with a rather dopey old-fashioned, undistinguished sounding name. In 1966 the Cedric name was dropped from the cars in most export markets, it was felt that the unfortunate name was hindering sales. From then on the cars were then known as the "2000". Later Cedrics were also sold as the "Personal 6", "Super 6", "Custom 6", "Special 6", "Wagon 6", "2300", "2400", "240C", etc.
Other Nissan/Datsun cars were also given peoples names, these included the Nissan Silvia, Datsun Laurel and Datsun Violet. At the same time Prince also had the Prince Gloria, which became the Nissan Gloria after the Nissan/Prince merger.

The 30 series Cedric was available with an electric razor that plugs into a socket under the glove box.

The Cedric came with a 15 piece tool kit, this included 6 spanners , 2 screwdrivers, 2 wheel chocks, a spark plug spanner and a brake adjuster. Very early models came with a grease gun.

The 30 and 31 series cars had a dipstick in the gearbox to check the oil level, this could be accessed via a large grommet in the transmission tunnel.

The floor covering in the boot of the 31 series sedan is a tartan pattern.

The Cedric has an inspection light in the engine bay, the lamp section will detach from the body of the inspection light, this section has a long cord that is wound around a hook on the back of the lamp. This can then be hooked inside the bonnet and will illuminate the whole engine bay. It will also reach to the front wheels if you need to change a wheel in the dark.

The Mark 2 and Mark 3 31 series Cedrics and the Mark 1 and Mark 2 130 series Cedrics had a timber facia dashboard. The 31 series cars had real timber veneer but the 130 series cars had imitation plastic "timber".
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