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1965 Prince Skyline S50-2


Introduced in October 1966, the S50-2 was a minor upgrade of the initial S50-1 Skyline. Much of the panel work on the car remained unchanged, though the modifications to this model did require some new panels. Whilst the changes to this model may have been minor, what was going on behind the scenes at Prince Motors was far more significant. In order to make the new rapidly expanding car industry stronger, and less likely to be targeted for takeover by larger foreign companies, the Japanese government recommended that several companies should consider merging into larger groups.


Toyota and Daihatsu heeded the advice and Toyota took on a controlling share of Daihatsu. Toyota continued to operate Daihatsu as a separate entity, though the new synergy meant that the two companies shared technologies, and in some cases shared models throughout the rest of their history. Nissan and Prince also heeded the government's advice and formally merged in 1966, though their alliance differed from that of Toyota and Daihatsu.

Whilst in the short term the Prince name continued on, once the new range of Prince designed vehicles hit the market in 1968 the Prince name had been dropped altogether, and from then on all the previous Prince models would be sold as either a Nissan or a Datsun. The Prince dealer network was kept in place, and rather oddly, you often had to go to two different Nissan dealers in your town in Japan to see the whole range, with Bluebirds and Fairladys, etc. sold through traditional Nissan Datsun dealers, whilst Skylines and Glorias were sold through Nissan Prince dealers.

 The most obvious change to this model was the new tail light treatment. The classic round tail lights were replaced by a pair of rather odd looking tail light clusters shaped like a sideways capital D. This involved pressing a whole new rear panel for the car. The other change that required new panels was to the C pillars of the car. The S50-2 now has cabin exhaust vents mounted to the base of the C pillars, which de-pressurised the cabin and improved the ventilation of the cabin. This meant you no longer had to wind a window down to get a flow-through ventilation effect.

 The Deluxe model continued to have full length stainless steel side strips, though it now featured a new grille design. The new grille was a cast alloy moulding with one wide horizontal bar 3/4 of the way up the height of the grille, with 4 thin bars above it and 12 thin horizontal bars below. Badges on the Deluxe model were mounted below the side strip at the rear of the car and said "Skyline 1500 Deluxe". The badge on the boot lid says "PRINCE", and some later cars had a discrete "NISSAN" badge on the rear panel between the number plate and the tail light on the right side. Deluxe models had a 4 speed floor change gearbox and two front bucket seats. The Deluxe had a cast alloy panel in the middle of the dash that contained a clock and radio. The Deluxe has rubber tipped over riders on the bumpers. It also has a metal trim on the tail light panel.

The standard model continued to use the same pressed steel grille as the previous S50S-1 model, though now the standard also has full length side strips, whereas the previous one had the strips finish halfway along the front doors. The badges are mounted in the same location as the Deluxe Model, and say "Skyline 1500". This model has a 3 speed column change gearbox and has a front bench seat. It has no clock, no radio, no shiny trim around the windows, no shiny gutter trims and no over riders.

 A wagon version, the W50A-2 was also available, that had a similar trim and equipment level as the deluxe sedan. This was badged as the Skyline 1500 Estate. A commercial van version was also built called the V51A-2, which was badged as the Skyway 1500. It's trim was similar to that of the standard sedan. Unlike the previous Skyway it now had full length side strips. It had bars inside the rear side windows to save them from being damaged by moving cargo in the back. An export version of this van, without the cargo bars, was known as the W50AE-2. It's badges said "Prince A150".


Mechanically it remained unchanged from the S50-1 model, and continued to use the 1484cc OHV G-1 series 4 cylinder engine. A diesel engine version was also built on small numbers, this car was called the Prince A190D, it's model code was S56SE.

In many export markets the Skyline name was not used, and this car was sold as a Prince A150 or as a PMC A150. It's side badges instead said "Prince A150". Some had a PMC badge on the boot lid.

Model Variations


Prince Skyline S50S-2

The S50S-2 was the enrty-level base model car. Mechanically it was identical to the other models, but it had slightly more basic trim.
Stainless steel side strips go along the full length of the car. Side badges say Skyline 1500, and are mounted on the front door. Grille is chrome plated pressed steel design with 8 horizontal bars. Some export S50E-2 (export version of the S50S-2) were fitted with the deLuxe grille.


Prince Skyline S50D-2

 The deLuxe version of the S50-2 series. Stainless steel side strips run the whole length of the car. Side badges say Skyline 1500 Deluxe, and are mounted near the rear of the car. Has over riders on the bumpers and stainless trim on the gutters. Bucket seats, 4 speed floor change. Cast alloy grille. 


Prince Skyline Estate W50A-2

 The W50A-2 was the station wagon version of the S50-2 series. Trim and equipment were basically the same as the Deluxe sedan. Side badges say Skyline 1500 Estate, and are mounted on the front guards. Export models we known as the W50ADE-2. 

Model Variations


Prince Skyline Van V51A-2

The V51-1 was the Van version of the W50A-2 Skyline Estate. Similar to what Nissan were doing with their Cedric Wagon models, the base model wagon was set up to be used for commercial purposes as well, and the rear side windows had chrome bars to protect them from damage if cargo in the back moved around. The trim and equipment were similar to that of the S50S-2 base model sedan. Side badges are mounted on the front guards and say "Skyline 1500".
An export model was available called the W50AE-2 and in most countries were badged as "Prince A150". Export W50AE-2s did not have the cargo bars in the back.


Prince A190D Diesel Sedan - S56SE

The A190D was a diesel engined version of the standard S50S-2 Skyline. Trim and equipment levels are similar to that of the S50S-2. Is fitted with the Prince D6 engine, which is an 1862cc 4 cylinder OHV engine which produced 55hp. It has a 3 speed column change gearbox.


Prince Skyline GT S54A-2 and S54B-2

The Skyline GT was a lengthened version of the S50-2 that was fitted with the S41-2 Prince Gloria 6 cylinder engine. More information about this vehicle can be found in the Prince Performance section.

1965 Skyline S50S-2


Length - 3990mm
Width - 1495mm
Height - 1435mm
Wheelbase - 2390mm
Weight - 935kg
Top speed - 135kph
Transmission - 3 speed column change

Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - G-1
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 73hp@4800rpm
Torque - 87ft/lb@3600rpm
Compression - 8.3 : 1
Final drive - 4.444:1

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