Prince Motor Co.

1963 Prince 1900 Sprint R52


The Prince 1900 Sprint was a prototype that was displayed at the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show. The design was a collaboration between the Italian designer Franco Scaglione and Prince designer Takeshi Inuoe, who had previously studied car design under Scaglione.

The car was powered by the G2 1900 engine from the Prince Gloria sedan, Prince quoted a weight of 880kg for the car and a top speed of 180kph. Only one was ever built and it never reached production.


1963 Prince 1900 Sprint 

Length - Unknown
Width - Unknown
Height - Unknown
Wheelbase - Unknown
Weight - 880kg
Top speed - 180kph
Transmission - 4 speed manual

Engine Specifications

Model - G2
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1862cc
Bore & Stroke 84x84mm
Power - 91hp@4000rpm
Torque- 15kgm@3600rpm
Compression - 8.3/1

Built with Mobirise ‌

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