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1961 Prince Skyline BLSI-3


For the 1961 model year the Skyline received an engine upgrade which saw the capacity increase from 1484cc to 1862cc. The new engine was designated the G2 and it maintained the 84mm bore size of the G1 (previously known as the FG4B-40) but the stroke was lengthened from 75mm to 84mm to give it extra capacity. The power output of the G2 was 96hp. This new engine was also used in the Gloria as well as some commercial vehicles.


The rest of the car remained largely unchanged except for some minor trim changes.

Model Variations


Prince Skyline BLSIS-3

 The BLSIS-3 was the standard sedan model. 


Prince Skyline BLSID-3

The BLSID-3 was the deLuxe sedan model.


Prince Gloria BLSID-3

The car was also available in a more luxurious version, this version was sold as a Prince Gloria. Information about this model can be found in the Gloria section of this website.

Model Variations


Prince Skyway Pickup - BLPE-3

 The Skyway BLPE-3 was a 2 door 4 seater pickup version of the BLSI-3. More information about this model can be found in the Prince Small Trucks section. 


Prince Skyway Van - BLVG-3

  Commercial variants were badged as Skyway instead of Skyline. The ALVG-2 Skyway is the delivery van version. More information about this model can be found in the Prince Small Trucks section.

1961 Skyline BLSI-3

Length - 4380mm
Width - 1675mm
Height - 1535mm
Wheelbase - 2535mm
Weight - 1310kg
Top speed - 140kph
Transmission - 4 speed manual

Engine Specifications

Model - G2
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 84x84mm
Power - 96hp@5000rpm
Torque- 113.5ft/lb@3600rpm
Compression - 8.0-1
Carburettor - 2 barrel down draft

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