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1957 Prince AISH-6


The Prince AISH-6 was the final variant of the AISH series, it went into production in October 1956. It continued to use the same grille as the AISH-5, but the side strips have been redesigned and now travel horizontally for the entire length of the car. They dip slightly into a shallow V design towards the back of the rear doors. When painted in two tone colours, as most were, this now meant that the dominant colour it that on the top section of the car, and only the section below the strip is painted a different colour. 


On the previous model the dominant colour was the area below the strip, with the whole car painted the colour of the lower section, and onto the roof, trunk and top of the doors was painted in the contrasting colour.

Mechanical changes were made at this time as well with the introduction of the upgraded FG4A-30 engine. Improved fuel quality in Japan at the time allowed the compression ratio to be upped from 6.8/1 to 7.5/1, resulting in a power increase from 52hp to 60hp.

The commercial vehicle variants were upgraded at the same time and were designated the AIPC-2 for the pickup and AIVE-2 for the van. As with the previous AISH-5 model, an upmarket version with independent front suspention was also available called the AMSH-2.

The Prince AISH-5 was in production until April 1957, when it was replaced with the new Prince Skyline.

Model Variations


Prince AMSH-2 Sedan

 The AMSH-2 was visually identical the the AISH-6 sedan, but was fitted with a double wishbone independent front suspension system. 


Prince AIPC-2 Double Cab Pickup

 The AIPC-2 was the pickup varient of the AISH-5 sedan. It featured a 2 door 4 seater body with a small exposed cargo area at the rear. More information about this model can be found in the AIPC-1 page of this website. 


Prince AIVE-2 Delivery Van

 The AIVE-2 was the delivery van varient of the AISH-5 sedan. More information about this model can be found on the Prince AIPE-1 page. 

1955 Prince AISH-5 Sedan 

Length - 4290mm
Width - 1655mm
Height - 1640mm
Wheelbase - 2486mm
Weight - 1300kg
Top speed - 110kph
Transmission - 4 speed manual

Engine Specifications

Model - FG4A-30
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 60hp@4000rpm
Torque- 10.75kgm@2000rpm
Compression - 7.5/1
Carburettor - unknown  
Final drive - unknown

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