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1955 Prince AISH-5


The Prince AISH-5 went into production in October 1955 and replaced the AISH-4. The new car remained largely inchanged mechanically and continued to use the FG4A-20 52hp 4 cylinder engine.

By the mid-1950s two tone paintwork was en vouge throughout much of the world, with cars like the Chevrolet Bel Air featuring contrasting colour schemes. 


Not wanting to miss this fashion trend Prince redesigned the side strips design on the AISH-5 to facilitate a two tune cut line. Te new strip started at the top of the front door adjacent to the base of the A pillar and the decended at a 45deg. angle for about 12 inches, at which point it turns sharply and continues in a horizontal line to the rear of the car.

In most cases everything above this line is painted a different colour to the rest of the car. The 1955/1956 brochures show a variety of potential colour schemes. Also new for the AISH-5 is a new grille design with a very prominent V cast into the middle element of the grille.

New for 1955 were a pair of commercial vehicle variants which were directly based on the AISH-5 design. These were the Prince AIPC-1 double cab pickup truck and the Prince AIVE-1 delivery van. More information about these varients can be found on the AIPC-1 page in the commercial vehicle section.

March 1956 saw the introduction of another variant, the AMSH-1. Since the beginning of the Tama models all the sedans were based on what was basically a truck style ladder chassis with non-indepentant I beam type front suspension. The AMSH-1 looked pretty much identical to the AISH-5, but this new varient was fitted with a double unequal length wishbone sytle front suspension which dramatically improved the ride of the car.

The Prince AISH-5 was in production until October 1956, when it was replaced with the final AISH-6 model.

Model Variations


Prince AMSH-1 Sedan

 The AMSH-1 was visually identical the the AISH-5 sedan, but was fitted with a double wishbone independent front suspension system. 


Prince AIPC-1 Double Cab Pickup

 The AIPC-1 was the pickup varient of the AISH-5 sedan. It featured a 2 door 4 seater body with a small exposed cargo area at the rear. More information about this model can be found in the AIPC-1 page of this website. 


Prince AIVE-1 Delivery Van

 The AIVE-1 was the delivery van variant of the AISH-5 sedan. More information about this model can be found on the Prince AIPE-1 page. 


Prince AFTF Truck

The Prince AFTF was a truck that utilised much of the AISH-5's mechanicals. The AFTF range also included a van and a 4 seater double cab truck. More information about this vehicle can be found in the Prince Commercial Vehicle section of this website.

1955 Prince AISH-5 Sedan 

Length - 4290mm
Width - 1655mm
Height - 1633mm
Wheelbase - 2486mm
Weight - 1300kg
Top speed - 110kph
Transmission - 4 speed manual

Engine Specifications

Model - FG4A-20
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 52hp@4000rpm
Torque- 10.4kgm@2000rpm
Compression - 6.8/1
Carburettor - unknown 
Final drive - unknown

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