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1955 Prince AISH-3


The Prince AISH-3 was released in November 1954 and was a cosmetic update of the previous AISH-2 model. The car featured a new grille design. Replacing the old 3 horizontal bar design was a grille with 2 horizontal bars and a chrome hoop around the top of the grille opening. 


The previous car had a side strip that started at the rear of the front wheelarch and travelled to the rear of the car, and also had a separate strip set slightly higher at headlight level that went from the headlight backwards, finishing a couple of inches from the front door opening. The new AISH-3 had one single strip that started just above the centre line of the front wheel arch and travelled to the rear of the car.

Mechanically it remained unchanged, and continued to use the Prince FG4A-10 engine, producing 45hp. This model was only in production for 2 months before it was replaced with the new AISH-4 model, which featured the upgraded FG4A-20 engine.

1955 Prince AISH-3 Sedan 

Length - 4290mm
Width - 1655mm
Height - 1633mm
Wheelbase - 2460mm
Weight - 1254kg
Top speed - 110kph
Transmission - 4 speed manual

Engine Specifications

Model - FG4A-10
OHV 4 Cylinder
Capacity - 1484cc
Bore & Stroke 75x84mm
Power - 45hp@4000rpm
Torque- 10kgm@2000rpm
Compression - 6.5/1
Carburettor - unknown
Final drive - unknown

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